Nicole M. Day

Graphic Designer, Artist & Photographer Centre Hall, PA

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My artwork is a way of looking at the overlooked. Photography, for me, is an escape from monotony of every day life. My artwork is a liberating way of explaining to the world there is too much on the surface that does not quite seem to be noticed. The beauty and simplicity of our surroundings is something most people take for granted. Many individuals do not to have a second thought about events such as that of leaf or snowflake falling to the ground.

There are many things we observe in our daily lives that we tend to take for granted. Keeping this in mind it should be mentioned that everything makes a difference and plays a role, no matter how small or insignificant. I feel my role, as artist, is to bring the subject to light. There is much to this world people do not appreciate. I want to give to people something to appreciate.


Part-time Multimedia Production Producer

Penn State University

• Help support the development and delivery of online courses that are part of the Penn State Extension’s educational programs.
• Creating and editing videos whiling adhering to the approved style guide. Also, from time to time making graphics or animations for various projects.

Weather Graphic Producer


• Creates and builds animated weather graphics for the AccuWeather Network and company clients
• Works with forecast meteorologists, broadcasters and producers to create visually stimulating and accurate forecast graphics for and Verizon fiOS
• Assists in live recordings for the network using multiple AccuWeather products such as Baron’s Omni and Vipir

Graphic Designer, Shift Manager


• Creating and designing maps and newspaper pages for clients around the world; under strict deadlines, while meeting high standards of quality.
• Listening to co-workers comments and issues during Continuous Improvement Groups. Conceptualizing ideas to solve their issues and effectively execute them to improve the work environment.
• Studying department metrics to ensure the quality of outgoing products meets or exceeds company standards.

Graphic Designer, Photographer



Pennsylvania College of Technology

Graphic Design